How to solve the computer card problem


Basically every day, users ask Xiaobian what to do with the computer card. Xiaobian has written a lot of articles and tutorials on how to do with the computer card. You can see a lot from the history of Xiaobian. If you are lazy, Xiaobian can only say it again.

Completely solve the computer jam problem:

1. The slow running of the computer card is often caused by too many running programs in the computer and too high CPU utilization. At this time, just release the CPU to solve the problem.

2. After entering the system desktop, right-click the taskbar and select “task manager” to open it. Switch to “process” in the task manager interface. Here we can see all processes. Below, we can see the number of processes, CPU utilization and physical memory usage.

3. Click “CPU” so that we can see the CPU usage of each process.

4. Right click the mouse to end the CPU consuming process and release the CPU utilization.

After release, the problem of computer card will be alleviated.