How to solve “could’t read native” when typora failed to export word



Typora has pandoc installed, but exporting word (. Docx) failed.
Here’s a hintcouldn't read native
How to solve


After testing, it is found that if the MD file contains tables, it will fail to export word documents.
How to solve


Method 1: backup the table in MD file, delete the table, export the rest to word, and finally manually copy the table to word.

Method 2
① Open the command line in the MD file directory (enter after entering CMD);
How to solve
② Enter the following command:

Pandoc - s input file - O output file name.docx

for examplepandoc -s -o test.docx
How to solve

You can see that the output is successful. Open the output file and you can see that the table is exported successfully
How to solve
But there is also confusion in typesetting, which needs further adjustment.