How to share deepin20 files? Techniques of sharing deepin files with windows


At present, because deepin V20 cannot be as popular as windows system, most people still use Windows operating system, and few people use deepin Linux V20 operating system (I hope you can support domestic operating system). Many of these people have windows and deepin dual systems. If a computer uses dual systems, you can use startup switching, If you use two or more computers, one windows system and one deepin, sometimes you need to transfer files between the two operating systems. Of course, there are many ways, such as QQ, email, USB flash disk, etc. we don’t introduce these. Here we introduce the way of file transmission through network sharing or direct sharing.

1、 Shared files

Click to open the on the taskbar【File manager】。

Click the selected folder and right-click to select it【Shared folder】。

Then it will switch to the folder attribute interface and check it【Shared folder】。

Tick【Shared folder】After, the permissions and anonymous options below can enter the settable state.

The default shared folder provides read-write and read-only permissions.

Folder sharing in deepin20 isSupport anonymous accessYes, the user only needs to【Anonymous access is set to allowJust.

2、 Share files with windows

1. Create a new folder “shared test” in deepin Linux V20 operating system

2. Right click folder – select “shared folder”, open the attribute configuration window, check “share this folder”, and configure the required permissions

Problem: there is no ok or cancel button in the attribute window. By default, it is OK when it is selected. If it is cancelled, it needs to be reset

3. To test the effect, we open windows 7,Enter the IP address of the \ \ deepin system in the run window\

4. Create a new file “new test file. TXT”, enter the content “test” and save it.

5. In the deep operating system, open the folder just created, and you can see the file we created in Windows 7. Open the file, and you can see the content we just entered “t”est”

6. Modify the permissions of shared folders, and change the permissions of groups and others to “read-only”

7. Then open the shared folder in windows and create a new file. You will be prompted that you have no permission and cannot create a new file

8. Permission Description: because the owner permission above is read-write, the newly created file “new test file. TXT” in Windows network share can also be modified in windows. For the newly created file in depth system, windows cannot modify, delete and other operations, but only has read permission.

The permission control of Linux system is much stronger than that of windows system.

The above is the deepin20 file sharing skills. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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