How to Set Up U Disk without Safely Deleting Hardware


When a friend uses the U disk to delete safely, the system pops up and prompts “Windows can’t disable the USB Device device because a program is using it.” How can we solve this problem? Below is the developpaer editor to introduce you the U disk can be pulled out directly without deleting the hardware safely. I hope it will be helpful to you.


U disk can be pulled out directly without deleting hardware safely:

1. Right-clickComputerSelect from the menu bar on the rightattributeThen ClickEquipment Manager(You can also right-click on the computer, ClickAdministrationOpen under the pop-up windowEquipment Manager) Open under the new pop-up Device Manager windowDisc driveOptions can be seen when we plug in the U-disk used by the computer. As shown in the following figure:


  2、Double-click the USB option or right-click the USB optionOptions in the menu bar on the rightattributeOptions, select in turn under the new window that pops upstrategyQuick deletionAfter clickingSure?All right. As shown in the following figure:


In the process of using U disk, users often encounter the situation that they can not safely delete U disk. Now with the methods described above, we can not use the safe deletion method, but also pull out the U disk safely. Interested users can experience it.

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