How to set up shared folder in VMware virtual machine under Apple Mac system


Most users are still using Windows system, and apple powder is crazy about Apple products, using Apple Mac system. So, many operations in this system are not very skilled, especially how to set the shared folder of VMware virtual machine in Apple Mac system? For details, please refer to the text tutorial below.

1. Select the virtual machine that you want to set the shared folder on the Mac, and click the “Settings” button, as shown in the figure:

Set the virtual machine for sharing folder

2. Click the “share” option in the virtual machine settings window, as shown in the figure:


3. Click “enable file sharing” in the sharing settings window, as shown in the figure:

Enable file sharing

4. Let’s take sharing the desktop on the MAC as an example, as shown in the figure

  Mac 电脑上的桌面共享出来
Shared desktop on MAC

5. Next, we start the virtual machine. After entering the system, the vmware tools tool prompts us to detect that there is a shared folder with the host. We need to log off to use it. Click the “OK” button to continue.


6. After logging out successfully, log in to the system again, and you will find that the files on the MAC desktop will be displayed on the desktop of the virtual machine. I have created a new file named “virtual machine folder sharing test” on the Mac. After it is created, it will immediately appear on the desktop of virtual machine windows system. Similarly, when you create a file on the desktop of a virtual machine system, it will also be displayed on the Mac.

  在 Mac 上显示
Show on MAC

7. If you want to share multiple folders, you can add them in the shared settings window of the virtual machine. Virtual machine provides us with desktop, manuscript, music, pictures and other sharing options on MAC by default. If you want to add other folders, please click the “+” button, as shown in the figure

Add another folder

8. Then select the folder you want to share in the Mac and click the “add” button.

Add shared folder

9. After adding, you can see the new shared directory in the shared settings window of the virtual machine.

Share settings window

10. Next, we open the “computer” window in the virtual machine, and we can see a share folders directory with a sharing ID. please click open.

Computer window

11. Then you can see a list of all the shared folders between the Mac and the virtual machine, as shown in the figure:

  Mac 与虚拟机之间共享文件夹的列表
List of shared folders between MAC and virtual machine

12. The key to realize the sharing between Apple Mac and VMware virtual machine is to install vmware tools in the virtual machine system. Only with it can we realize the sharing function between virtual machine and MAC. If you fail to follow the above method, please check whether the vmware tools tool is correctly installed in the virtual machine system.

  Vmware Tools 工具
VMware Tools Tools

13. In addition, due to the different versions of VMware virtual machine, the operation interface may be different, but the general operation methods are similar.