How to set up print server on MAC system?


Mac is Apple’s special system, which is different from the operation of windows system. Let’s take a look at how to set up a print server on MAC system.

1. The following is the network structure diagram of using the print server under normal circumstances.

2. As the default IP address of the print server is, we need to set the IP address of the print server and your computer to the same network segment before configuring. In this article, the IP address of the router is If the IP address of your computer was 192.168.0. X (x is 1-254), you can start from step 5. The first step is to directly connect the print server to your computer, and then clickApple IconSystem Preferences

3. Choicenetwork

4. Step 2: click Ethernet, configure IPv4 and selectManual. Enter IP address 192.168.0. X, (x is 2-254), mask, and then clickapplicationButton.

5. Step 3: open Safari and enter Enter to enter the print server management interface, selectset upTCP/IP, modify the IP address of the print server, and then clicksave and reboot

6. The fourth step is to connect the print server with the printer and router according to the predetermined topology, and change the IP address of your Mac computer back to the previous value, such as configuring IPv4 to use DHCP or manually specifying the original IP address.

7. Step 5 ClickApple IconSystem PreferencesPrinting and scanning

8. Click in the new window“+”To add a printer.

9. The sixth step is to choose from the typesIPThen follow the figure below to configure.

10. Protocol: line printer monitor LPD. Address: print the IP address of the server. Queue: Lp1. Print use: select the driver corresponding to your printer by selecting the printer software option, and then click the OK button.

11. If you can’t find your printer model, you can try to select itNormal postscript printerorOrdinary PCL printerorAutomatic selection. Step 7 If you have multiple printer entries on your computer, you can set the default printer on the print and scan page.

12. After completing the above steps, the configuration of the print server is completed, and you can share printers through the print server.

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