How to set up onedrive on Windows 10? How to set up onedrive on win10


How do I set up onedrive on Windows 10?Onedrive for windows 10 is an excellent cloud storage tool designed to easily back up all your files and documents. This also makes it very easy for users to access their files in the cloud without having to open a web browser. Yes, these are not the only features, but they work well and may be much better than the other major cloud services we have tested in the past. That’s not because we’re fans of Microsoft that bias us, it’s just the truth.

Now, if you’re interested in using onedrive, but don’t know how to set it up, keep reading all the information you need. It should be noted that onedrive is preinstalled on Windows 10, and there are onedrive applications that can be found through the Microsoft Store, but we will not talk about that application now, but about the more powerful default tools.

How to set up onedrive on win10

Setting up onedrive is very easy, as we will demonstrate in the following:

1. Add an account and select onedrive folder

2. Select the location of onedrive folder

1] Add account and select onedrive folder

OK, so the first step is to open onedrive and add your account. To do this, enter your email address in the available boxes and press enter or display the sign in button.

Then, the next step is to type your password, and then click enter again.

If you’re like me, two-step authentication might run on your account.

Follow the wizard to access the special code, add it, and then click verify.

2] Choose a location for the onedrive folder

It’s time to choose the location of the onedrive folder or stick to the default section.

We chose to use the default, but if this is not ideal for your situation, click Change location, select the folder you want, and then click next.

Users should now be able to see the option to select folders to synchronize between the local PC and the cloud.

People can also choose to synchronize all files, but if you have multiple large files in your account and your data is limited, this is not the best choice.

After you click next, it will take some time to start. But when you’re done, just click the open my onedrive folder to see all the files.

During this period, you should download the files on onedrive to your Windows 10 PC and upload the files on your computer to the cloud.

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