How to set up FTP server


Want to set up FTP server, in fact, is very simple, just need to download a FTP server, I did not know how to do before, but later found a very easy to use FTP server, especially suitable for novice use, the following to give you an introduction.

This FTP client isIIS7 server management toolIts main features are: regular upload, scheduled download, automatic backup and update.

In addition, it can batch manage the win series of operating systems, Linux operating system and VNC of Linux and VNC of win have the functions of automatic reconnection, automatic retransmission, custom transmission mode, thread, coding, deletion to the recycle bin, fast loading of a large number of files, transfer while loading, batch connection and one key closing. The green interface looks very fresh and fresh, and the eyes will not be too tired after long-term use.
Tools used:IIS7 server management tool
How to set up FTP server
How to set up FTP server
How to set up FTP server
Step 1: log in to IIS7 server management tool

Step 2: select upload and download

Step 3: select FTP

Step 4: click settings, select the date and time of the scheduled task in the settings page, and close the small window directly after selection without saving

Step 5: check the FTP to be opened before the FTP list

Step 6: click open to transfer FTP file after connection