How to Set Transparent Background Map in Visual Studio 2017


I. Preface

Share with you how to set a transparent background image for VS2017. Below is a picture before and after setting.

Before setting up:

After setting:

II. Setting up an Extension Program for Background Pictures

We opened the VS Extended Installation Interface: [Tools] – > [Extensions and Updates] – > [Online] and entered “Background” to see two search results: “Claudia IDE” and “Colorful-IDE”. Claudia IDE’s update date is 2017.8, and Colorful-IDE’s update date is 2017.1, so I chose C. LaudiaIDE.

After installing the extender, we need to set it up:

The main settings are two attributes, File Path as the background image path, Expand to IED as True. Then take a look at the effect and find that it’s ugly. Don’t worry. There’s one more step to set it up.

III. Editorial Theme

First, we search for “Color Theme Editor for Visual Studio 2017″ in the Extender List and install:

After the installation is completed, you will see this interface when you re-enter VS. If you close it, you can re-enter through [Tools]- > [Custom size Colors]:

Click the button behind the Dark theme:

Click the Edit button for the theme you just copied:

Then select “Show All Elements”:

Modify the specified property value of the specified control according to the following list2A252526 :

Solution Explorer

  • TreeView -> Background

IDE and text editor

  • Environment -> Window
  • Environment -> EnvironmentBackground
  • Environment -> EnvironmentBackgroundGradientBegin
  • Environment -> EnvironmentBackgroundGradientEnd
  • Environment -> EnvironmentBackgroundGradientMiddle1
  • Environment -> EnvironmentBackgroundGradientMiddle2

Window Title

  • Environment -> MainWindowActiveCaption
  • Environment -> MainWindowInactiveCaption

Command Bar

  • Environment -> CommandShelfBackgroundGradientBegin
  • Environment -> CommandShelfBackgroundGradientEnd
  • Environment -> CommandShelfBackgroundGradientMiddle
  • Environment -> CommandShelfHighlightGradientBegin
  • Environment -> CommandShelfHighlightGradientEnd
  • Environment -> CommandShelfHighlightGradientMiddle
  • Environment -> CommandBarGradientBegin
  • Environment -> CommandBarGradientEnd
  • Environment -> CommandBarGradientMiddle
  • Environment -> CommandBarToolBarBorder

For example:


After the modification is completed, click Ctrl + S to save, then go back to the topic list, and re-select the theme we just edited, you can see the effect.

IV. References

Claudia IDE source by k.buchi.

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope it will be helpful to everyone’s study, and I hope you will support developpaer more.