How to set the width property for the style of span tag


If you set the width property directly to the style of the span tag, you will find that it will not have an effect.

If set display:block The width property takes effect, but the span is the same as div at this time.
If set display:inline-block , then span is listed on the same row, and the width property takes effect.

Description of common values of element display attribute:

1) Block: the default value of the block object. Forces the object to be presented as a block object, adding a new line after the object.
2) Inline: the default value for inline objects. Forces an object to be presented as an inline object, removing rows from the object.
3) Inline block: renders an object as an inline object, but the contents of the object as a block object. Adjacent inline objects are presented on the same line.
4) Non: hide the object. Unlike the hidden value of the visibility property, it does not reserve its physical space for hidden objects.