How to set the time limit on the MacOS Big Sur 11.3 web page?


In the “screen usage time” function of apple computer, you can set the usage time of an application or web page, so that there will be a time limit when querying a website. Please see the following for details.

After entering the apple computer, click the small apple icon in the upper left corner, and then click“System Preferences”。

Then click in the preferences panel“Screen usage time”。

Click on the left side of the screen usage time panel“App limit”。

Then you can see that the app quota is currently closed in the right panel, and click the button to open it.

After opening, in the lower left corner of the panelClick the “+” sign.

Then go to create a new app quota, find the add website under the website, and set the corresponding usage time.

The above is how to set time limits on MAC web pages. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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