How to set the refresh rate of win10 display


Win10 system is an excellent system that can work stably in a variety of environments! Powerful working ability is the most outstanding part of the system! Whether users want to use the system for office or entertainment, you will get the best use experience from the system. Today’s editor brings you the refresh rate setting tutorial of win10 monitor. Let’s have a look.

How to set the refresh rate of win10 display:

1. First of all, in the blank space of win10 desktop, right-click the single machine mouse, and in the pop-up menu, click to enter “display settings”.

2. Click “advanced settings” at the bottom of display settings.

3. Continue to click “show adapter properties” at the bottom of advanced settings.

4. In the final display adapter properties, switch to the monitor option at the top to see the screen refresh rate setting

The above is the win10 display refresh rate settings all content, I hope to help you!