How to set the keyword color in Zend studio code?


Zendstudio is a good integrated environment for developing PHP. I personally found that the default keyword font at the beginning looked uncomfortable when I used it. After a long time of exploration, I finally got the font right. Let’s share it today

1. My development environment is so Chinese that my English level is really limited. Let’s take a look at my keyword at this time. The color is black. Then wetoolbarFound in“window”This button

2. We directly click the open button, and the following items will appear. We will find the last one and open it.

3. This opens the overall interface. Because the integrated development environment supports many languages, we want to adjust the syntax color of PHP, so we need to find the PHP option

4. As shown in the figure below, we will put thisDrop down list ExhibitionOn. There are so many options

5. As shown in the following figure, we can see more options in this interface. We can see that one of them is“Syntax color”We will select this and click to enter

6. HerekeywordThere are several kinds of keywords, including the ones provided by the system, those customized by the system, and some constants. The colors of these keywords can be adjusted here. We will use the ones provided by the system firstkeywordMake a demonstration

7. As shown in the figure below, we select this one. After selecting it, we can see an option to adjust the color on the right. We open this option and select a color we like

8. Then click OK. At this time, you can see the system of our editing interfacekeywordThe color of has changed.

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