How to set the font size of code in sublime text3?


Based on its powerful functions and charm, sublime text3 has already occupied the hearts of beautiful and handsome men in the IT industry. And I have to "face-to-face" with it almost every day. One day at work, I suddenly found that it became smaller – the code font suddenly became smaller, what's going on?

How to set the font size of code in sublime text3?

Advanced text editor (Sublime Text) 3 Build 3065 official English green version

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  • size:7.37MB
  • language:Simplified Chinese
  • time:2014-10-11

check the details

1. Start the sublime text 3 software;

2. Open the project file and find that the code text on the right has become much smaller than usual;

3. Start the adjustment, click the menu bar "preferences”——“font”——“larger”;

4. You can see that the font has become larger.

5. If the font is not big enough, you can continue the operation"preferences”——“font”——“larger”。The font will get bigger and bigger;

6. If you want to make the font smaller, do the opposite"preferences”——“font”——“smaller”

7. There is a faster method, that is, hold down ctrl + mouse wheel at the same time; slide the wheel up to enlarge, and slide down to zoom out

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