How to set the desktop font of CentOS 6.6 system?


After the installation of CentOS 6.6 and startup to the desktop, I found that the font on the desktop is very ugly. After some exploration, I finally made the font more beautiful. Now I’d like to share this little experience with you. I hope it can help you!

1. When you start the CentOS system to the desktop, you can see that the current font is not only unsatisfactory, but also highly jagged, as shown in the following figure:

2. Click system first appearance, as shown in the following figure

3. Switch to the Font tab, as shown in the following figure:

4. Set the application font, desktop font and window title font respectively. I choose the font size of “Wen Quan Yi Zheng Hei” with beautiful Chinese display, which is “11”. The bold font of window title text is shown in the following figure

5. This is set after the font display, is not much more beautiful!

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