How to set the computer files to be sorted by type by default?


In a folder with hundreds of files, it can be difficult to find a file that only remembers the type. Of course, you can use the search function, but the search function takes more time. Is there a better way? If the files in this folder are sorted by type, you can save a lot of time. This article will share the experience of how to set the default sorting mode of files in all folders to “type”. Let’s start together!

1. First, find a folder with multiple file types. Now the file has not been pressed“Type rowSequence, as shown in the figure below:

2. Right click the blank space in the folder and select“Sort method” — > “type””As shown in the figure below:

3. Now, all files in this folder have been“Type”Sort, as shown in the following figure. However, for this folder, when opening other folders, the files are still sorted by other methods instead of “type”. Next, how to set the default sorting method of files under all folders to“Type “.

4. In the window just now, click“View “Under the menu“Options”Command, as shown in the following figure:

5. In“Folder Options”Dialog box, click“Under the “view” tab“Apply to folder”As shown in the figure below:

6. After this setting, files will be sorted by “type” by default in any folder opened later.

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