How to set the brightness of computer screen to protect eyes?


Do you still worry about not knowing how to adjust the brightness of computer screen. How to adjust the brightness of the computer screen is very helpful for students who use computers for a long time. Next, I will talk about how to adjust the brightness of the computer screen to the eyes.

1. Screen brightness

clickcontrol panelHardware and sound – Power Options

2. Screen brightness during the day

Day screenBrightness not more than 60It is recommended to select balance for power plan.

3. Screen brightness at night

nightThe screen brightness is about 30Energy saving is recommended for power plan

4. Window color

clickControl panel – PersonalizationWindow colorColor, choicegreenEtc. to protect the eye color.

5. Desktop wallpaper for eye protection

Baidu protect the eyes of the computer desktop wallpaper, set.Control panel – Personalization – desktop background

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