How to set scrollbar to always display in Apple Mac OS X system?


By default, all scrollbars in Mac OS X system are displayed when the page is sliding, which may make users who are used to windows very unaccustomed. In fact, the display properties of scrollbars in Mac OS X system can be adjusted. How to adjust them so that the scrollbars are always displayed? Let this experience tell you!

1. Here, let’s take a look at the situation before the change: when the page does not slide, the scroll bar is not displayed.

2. Here’s the start: first, open the launchpad interface, and then open system preferences.

3. Click “general” in the first column of “System Preferences”.

4. Find the scroll bar option.

5. Click on the third option: “always.”.

6. At this point, the scroll bar will appear, and is always displayed.

matters needing attention:Other settings of the scroll bar can also be set in the “general” interface.

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