How to set Notepad to Default editor for XML files?


Notepad + + is a set of text editor under Windows operating system. It has a complete Chinese culture interface and supports the function of writing in multiple languages. Notepad + + not only has syntax high brightness display, but also has syntax folding function, and supports macros and plug-in modules that expand basic functions. Let’s take a look at Notepad + + set to Default editor for XML files

Open Notepad + + with administrator privileges.

Go to settings.


choiceFile association

Move to custom.

Type“.xml”And press the arrow key.

Open one XML file, select Notepad + + for the last time.

Close the application and open it again for testing.

Set Notepad + + to in Windows 10 The most direct way to use the default editor for an XML file is to right-click itFile > select open method >Select another application and check always open with that application next to Notepad XML file box++。 However, many users report that this only works once and then defaults to ie11.

Right click the Notepad + + shortcut icon on your desktop or PC and select the run as administrator option.

When the message prompt appears, click the Yes button.

Select the Settings tab from the toolbar, and then select the preferences option, as shown above. Under the left navigation pane, scroll down to file association options.

Then, under the supported extension box,Click the web script entry and select XML extension。 Press the arrow keys to register your preferences.

When finished, close the window and exit.

Notepad + + should now automatically open the XML file.

XML plays an important role in designing web and cross platform portable applications. You can easily open in Notepad + + by adding an extension to a registered extension in Notepad + + preferences XML and other file types.


Notepad + +: settings – > Preferences – > file associations

Common default open file suffix formats that can be set include:

.log,.txt,.ini,.h,.c,.cpp,.java,.inc,.cs,.html,.htm,.php,.xml,.css,.sh,.py,.bat,vbs,.vb, .rc,.sql,.tex,.nfo,.mak,.mk,.md,.cfg。

The above is Notepad + + set to XML file default editor skills, I hope you like, please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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