How to set copyright in Visual Studio 2017


How to set copyright in Visual Studio 2017 is as follows

1. Visual studio 2017 setting copyright  

A in team development or company development, we generally like to set copyright descriptions for our created classes or interfaces and other templates, but it is very hard to add each class one by one, so we usually set templates to implement it, When you create a class or interface in VS, these comments are automatically added to your class or interface.

B there are many ways to realize the function of this template on the Internet, but they are not very practical in vs2017, so here I briefly summarize the instructions for adding copyright to vs2017

C the copyright information of all my classes and interfaces is as follows:

// Copyright (C) 2016-2100
//CLR version: $clrversion$
//Machine name: $machinename$
//Namespace name / file name: $rootnamespace $/ $safeitemname$ 
//Created by: $username$   
//Created on: $time$


2. How to set copyright in Visual Studio 2017  

A first find your installation path. If you forget your installation path, it doesn’t matter. You can find it at the following address: find the vs icon, right-click properties: pop up as shown in the figure:

B find the address shown by the red line in the figure, copy and delete the last devenv.exe, copy the path, open my computer and copy it to the path address, as shown in the figure:

C continue to find the following path: (D: \ program files (x86) \ Microsoft Visual Studio \ 2017 \ enterprise \ common7 \ ide \ itemtemplates \ CSharp \ code \ 2052). Finally, find the templates of classes and interfaces here, as shown in the figure:

D open the class and interface folders, open the following. CS file, copy the copyright to it, and click save, as shown in the figure:

E next, we open vs2017 and find that it has realized this function. If shown, this simple configuration is completed here.

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