How to set auto-hide taskbar in win11


Win11 taskbar auto-hide setting tutorial!More and more friends have used the Windows 11 system. Some friends want to know how to set the Windows 11 system to automatically hide the taskbar. If you want to make the desktop empty, there is only one beautiful wallpaper. In fact, this problem is very easy to set up. In the following article , Xiaobian developpaer will introduce the setting tutorial of win11 automatic hidden task in detail!

Win11 setting auto-hide taskbar tutorial

1. Right-click on the blank space of the desktop taskbar, and the taskbar settings will pop up, click to enter.

2. On the Taskbar Settings page, click Taskbar Behavior.

3. Check Auto-hide the taskbar and you're done.

After this setting, the Win11 taskbar is generally hidden, and it will only be displayed when the mouse is moved, so you can fully appreciate the desktop wallpaper.

The above is the method and steps of win11 to automatically hide the taskbar introduced by the developer editor. I hope this tutorial can help you!