How to select the right tools and software for you?


Tools and software

How to select the right tools and software for you?

Usually simple entertainment is good, a cheap mobile phone is enough to see free movies and dramas, listen to songs, play games

Access to information is an easy thing, most of the Internet resources are free, leek is such a thriving

However, once you want to do something positive feedback, it involves the purchase of equipment and the use of tools, such as laptops

Scenarios involved

How to select the right tools and software for you?

As a developer, when you want to developios appFirst of all, there must be oneiphoneMobile phone, test compatibility, etc

Want toiosEcological closed loop ofapp, then the same MAC notebook is indispensable, both of which are expensive

Aside from the system level, high-frequency development tools are also an inevitable big expense. Once it involves office and business, it involves copyright

If the finished product is commercially available and the software is not genuine, it is likely that a lawyer’s letter will be sent, and the small company will not be able to compensate for the loss of money

Free most expensive

How to select the right tools and software for you?

There is a saying: free is often the most expensive

In the market, free usually means the exchange of privacy data. Although there is no money, in fact, the goods sold are yourself

The most expensive is not necessarily the best, but in the free market, good software is usually not much, and there are often a variety of small problems

For example, some good functions are not maintained suddenly and paid less. The community is not hot and is not within the scope of work requirements and regulations (collaboration)

But good software is usually not cheap, how to choose between the two, there are certain methods and skills

Software screening

Efficiency first

How to select the right tools and software for you?

What are the reasons for using the software?

One is to be able to accomplish something, and the second is to accomplish something faster and with higher quality

Take itUIFor design, when it comes to design, most people thinkPsAfter all, up to now, this artifact is still irreplaceable

Its market share is so high that every design is based on it

But if we just turn the prototype intoUIDesign drawings, thenPsIt seems bloated and to some extent not professional

Other software is also mentioned recently. One isSketch, aFigma, one isAdobe XD.

The market share is very important, which means that the more people use team cooperation, learning resources, plug-in market, work demand, etc., the lower the cost of learning this software is, so it’s not necessary to learn that the knowledge will be wasted because the software will be wasted in the later periodpsWin

Getting started simply means getting started quickly, not learning for a long time and doing nothingSketchPerfect, it’s foruiBorn, andPsIt takes a long time to get started, the same time and energy,SketchCan make more and better design draft

How to select the right tools and software for you?

howeverSketch and PSThere is a disadvantage that is not a disadvantage, that is, they are not cheap and deadly,SketchOnly inmacUse on (then you havemacDo you?)

If it’s just low-frequency use, the price of hundreds of thousands of yuan is not acceptable to ordinary people, and there are more than one software to pay,macIt’s not cheap

At this time, we need to look for free and open source alternative software, free has a natural advantage, using it without worrying about copyright and financial issues

Don’t use it if you don’t need to crack it. There are many problems with piracy. It can’t be updated, compatible, etc. It’s OK to simply taste it, even if it’s commercial

FigmaandAdobe XDThere are free versions,FigmaIt’s a web version,Adobe XDstaywinUpper andmacCan be used, which means collaboration and resource processing is very convenient, not because the system is incompatible and stuck

SketchOnly in English, for novices, they are relatively slow to learn Chinese,Adobe XDThere is Chinese, which makes both hands-on and output more efficient, although the quality is no better thanSketchOK

How to select the right tools and software for you?

FigmaIt’s a web page version. Although it’s a cross platform version, it also has a fatal disadvantage that it may not be accessible in China

Not only this one, many good web tools and information may not be accessible. No matter how good such tools are, they are useless

In the same way, today’s web pages have a lot of advantages, and they are competent for the vast majority of the pastpcIt is not only cross platform, but also cross device, which is very convenient

pcBecause the environment is the computer itself, and the web version can also be used offline. For example, the pictures in this article are available offlinedraw.iomake.

No standard answer

How to select the right tools and software for you?

The final choice of which software to use depends on your own needs and conditions

Take the nearestUIFor design, for me, choiceAdobe XDObviously better, because in the near future,psProportion60%about,SketchProportion20%.

Adobe XDIt doesn’t account for much, but it’s better in free and Chinese version. It can basically meet the simple development needs. It’s easy to start and fast in output

No additional settings requiredmacAnd payment,FigmaObviously it’s the InternetPsThe price is not cheap and it takes a long time to get started

Of course, when you need to pay, don’t hesitate to pay for other people’s achievements and save yourself time

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