How to run DEB installation package with dpkg command line in Ubuntu



If Ubuntu wants to install new software, it already has DEB installation package (for example: iptux.deb ), but could not log in to the desktop environment. How to install it? The answer is: use the dpkg command.

Deb is the installation format of Debian Linux, which is very similar to RPM of red hat. The most basic installation commands are as follows:dpkg -i file.deb

Dpkg, short for Debian package, is a suite management system specially developed for Debian, which is convenient for software installation, update and removal. All Linux distributions from Debian use dpkg, such as Ubuntu, knoppix, etc.

The common format of dpkg command is as follows:

sudo dpkg -I iptux.debsee iptux.deb Details of software package, including software name, version, size, etc. (where-IEquivalent to–info

sudo dpkg -c iptux.debsee iptux.deb The file structure contained in the package (where-cEquivalent to–contents

sudo dpkg -i iptux.debinstall iptux.deb Software package (including-iEquivalent to–install

sudo dpkg -l iptuxView the information of iptux package (the software name can be downloaded fromdpkg -ICommand view, where-lEquivalent to–list

sudo dpkg -L iptuxView all files installed by iptux package (software name can be downloaded fromdpkg -ICommand view, where-LEquivalent to–listfiles

sudo dpkg -s iptuxView the details of iptux package (software name can be downloaded fromdpkg -ICommand view, where-sEquivalent to–status

sudo dpkg -r iptuxUninstall the iptux package (software name can be downloaded fromdpkg -ICommand view, where-rEquivalent to–remove

Note:The dpkg command does not automatically resolve dependencies. If there are dependency packages in the installed DEB package, you should avoid using this command or install it in the order of dependencyWebmaster blogDepends on the package.


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