How to restart the MAC finder when it is stuck


Sometimes when we use Mac, we will encounter the situation that the finder is stuck. In the face of this problem, the solution is to restart the finder. So how can we restart the finder? Now Xiaobian tells you two simple restart methods.

  Method 1Operate on the dock Icon

Hold down the option key and right-click the Finder Icon to select “reopen” in the menu


 Method 2Operate in the terminal

Open the terminal (Application Utility), then enter the following command and press enter

  killall Finder

After executing the restart command, Finder will exit and restart, and the entire desktop will be updated. Sometimes small troubles can be solved by restarting finder, and it is not necessary to restart the system.

Finder is just a running process like other applications in Mac OS X, so you can exit finder just like other applications and shut it down completely. After the finder is closed, there is no icon on the desktop, and you can’t browse files through the finder window.

The above are two ways to restart finder in MAC system. Users who encounter finder stuck may as well use these two methods to restart.