How to reset and clear the screen in centos8


Screen cleaning generally refers to clearing words in command line mode, because too many words will be messy. So occasionally you need to clear the screen. Different operating systems have different commands to clear the screen. In DOS or windows CMD, you can clear the screen by pressing CLS enter. The command under Linux is clear, which is the command to clear the terminal.

Do you want to reset and clear the screen in centos8 terminal? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

1. Point【activity】。

2. Point【terminal】。

3. As shown in the figure below, execute theLS – L commandYou can see the input and output of the terminal interface.

4. Then click on the menu bar【terminal】。

5. Click in the drop-down menu【resetOr【Reset and clear screen】。 Reset is to reinitialize the terminal. Reset clear screen is to clear all screen content.

In CentOS 8The command corresponding to reset is reset, and the command corresponding to clear is clear. The function of clear is to turn down one page, and the function of reset is to reinitialize the terminal.

The above is the centos8 terminal reset clear screen skills, I hope you like, please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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