How to repair the fltmgr.sys blue screen after restarting the win10 computer?


You may also encounter this problem. How to repair the fltmgr.sys blue screen after restarting the win10 computer? The reason why win10 restarts the fltmgr.sys blue screen is that the software causes a conflict. In fact, the general solution is to enter the system, uninstall the relevant software and clean it up. The third-party software installed by each user will be different, so just search. Don’t miss the interested friends.


How to repair the blue screen of fltmgr.sys after restarting win10 computer

Method 1:

Uninstall the software that may cause the blue screen and stop the operation of non core programs (including third-party anti-virus and optimization software):

AliPaladin64.sys (Alipay software)

Devdrvpro64.sys (driver life related software)

Xlwfp.sys (Xunlei)

Hrwfpdrv.sys (tinder)


Smdqry.sys (I suggest you search your system)

Rxfcv.sys (primocache software)

Method 2:

-Vwifimp.sys (network card)

Update driven method

[Manual Download] (recommended)

1. Go to the machine brand or the official website of each hardware brand

2. Download and install the latest driver according to the product model

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