How to remove the red wavy lines in Notepad + + files?


Some text systems in Notepad + + will automatically check, so a red wavy line appears at the bottom of the text, which affects reading. So how do you get rid of these red wavy lines?

1. As shown in the figure, the red wavy line is automatically added at the bottom of the text when Notepad + + automatically checks,This wave line is of little use to us in most cases。 Sometimes it seems to particularly affect reading.

2. First, open the text file with Notepad + +. As shown in the figure, select a text file and right-click it,Select Notepad + + as the opening method in the menu that appears.

3. Find it on the homepage of Notepad + +Plug in menu, and click to open the drop-down menu of plug-in settings.

4. One menu item in the drop-down menu isDSpellCheck, one of the sub items of this menu item isSpell Check Document Automatically, remove the check mark in front of the sub item,The red wavy line will disappear.

5. After the red wavy line is removed, the effect is as shown in the figure.

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