How to recover chk file fragment in computer?


How to free batch recovery chk file software? The general chk extension is a defragmented file.

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1. The file named after the extension chk is usually a disk error caused by illegal shutdown. The system automatically calls the defragmenter (or after the user takes the initiative to use defragmentation) to generate the lost cluster recovery file. Usually, some found.000 folders will be generated in the root directory of the system (the number will change later).

2. After opening the folder,There will be files like file0000. Chk

3. Sometimes, as long as you know what the file was before that, you can try changing the extension to recover the file. For example, these files are image files, which can be displayed normally by changing the extension to jpg. If you can’t see the extension, you can set it in the control panel → folder option.Start → run (or use Win + R shortcut key to call up run) → enter: control folders   Click OK (or press enter) to open the folder options setting box.

4、View → remove the check mark of hiding the extension of known file type → OK.

5. Of course, not all files can be recovered by changing the extension. You can try to use chk file extension tool to recover.

6、Double click to open chk fragment file recovery tool → respectively click the folder where the fragment file is located and the folder saved after recovery → start recovery

7. After recovery, you can try to double-click to open the recovered file.

8. From the file name, it should be the fragmented file after the system update, which is useless and can be deleted.

9. It can be seen that not all the files recovered from fragments are useful, or they may be useless fragments. Just delete them.