How to rebuild the MAC spotlight index manually after it is disrupted


Some users accidentally disrupt the spotlight index during use, so how to solve this problem? To solve this problem, you need to rebuild the spotlight index. The following is the method of manually rebuilding the spotlight index.


How to rebuild the spotlight index:

Open system preferences: click “Spotlight” and select “privacy”. Drag and drop the system disk of Mac OS X (or other required disk)

If the confirmation box pops up, click OK. Now, select the disk you just added and click “-” to remove it from the list

  be careful:If you drag a directory or disk into the privacy list, everything under that directory or disk is completely excluded from the spotlight index.

Next, spotlight will immediately start re indexing the disk you just operated on. The length of time required for indexing depends on how much content is on disk. You can see the progress and remaining time in the spotlight menu. You can check the progress at any time. At the same time, the computer speed may also be somewhat affected during index reconstruction, because mdworker and MDS processes consume CPU resources and perform a lot of disk operations.

The above steps are the steps to rebuild the spotlight index. Users who accidentally disrupt the spotlight index, please use this method to rebuild your spotlight index.