How to quickly “stand out” for new employees



At home over the weekend, Qin Chao, a geek time veteran, broadcast this topic live. After listening to it, I found it very useful.

I also have a deep understanding. Today, while I still have an impression, I’d like to talk about this topic with you in combination with my own experience.

Technology has nothing to do with it. If you don’t agree, you can communicate in the message area.


No matter we are just graduated Meng Xin, or old drivers who have been working in the workplace for many years, one thing we can’t avoid is thatJob hopping

Job hopping means leaving the familiar environment, familiar people and familiar projects.

However, job hopping may also mean higher salaries and better development opportunities.

We all want to be in a new environmentStand fastTo establish a professional image.

How to operate it?

1. Find your own advantages

Each of us is different. We have different learning styles, strengths and preferences.

I’m sure I know the best about what advantages I have.

If not, read the next bookAdvantage recognizer 2.0Google will explain this material when it does new employee training.

Find their own advantages, flexible use, the role is very huge.

For example, some people like to write dynamic effects, some people like to do engineering, some people like to do technology exploration and sharing, some people prefer open source projects, some people are dedicated to the ultimate performance optimization, and so on.

You can take a look at our community. There must be some people above,It's always good

In your project, as long as youOne aspect is outstandingAnd people will think, wow, this guy is awesome.

The next time other people encounter problems, they will think of you first, and the image will gradually build up.

Like in the glory of the king,Each character has its own positioningTank, mage, assassin, assist, field.

Any play well, can be on the star, play well, then on the king.

It’s the same with your projects,The more responsibility you take, the greater the reward

One of the values of byte skipping is calledThere is no boundaryTo encourage you to break through your comfort zone and take on more responsibility.

In addition to personal advantages,A good work habit is also very important

Let me briefly talk about one aspect: daily task processing.

2. About receiving tasks

The work is endless, and there will be an endless stream of tasks assigned to you every day.

At this time, we should have a reasonable strategy to deal with these tasks.

If you think about it, it’s just the order:

  1. First in, first out, do the latest tasks first.
  2. Last in, first out, do the tasks left over before.
  3. First easy, then difficult, do the simplest.
  4. Priority queue, do the top priority first.
  5. See which one does that, Buddhist programming.

In the past, when we went to school, the teacher taught us that we should do the problem easily and then difficult.

At the beginning, I also had the habit of finishing the simple tasks first and leaving the difficult ones behind. It seems that the tasks are done faster and have a sense of accomplishment.

After a year’s work experience, I found that simple tasks seem to be similar, repetitive tasks, and there is no harvest after finishing them, just simple tasks.

There are such people in the workplace who seem to be very busy all day long, but they are doing simple and repetitive things.

This kind of people, in Chao’s words, are “fake coworkers”, or, more commonly, they are “veteran workers”.

One of the values of byte skipping is “delayed gratification.”.

The so-called “delayed satisfaction” is a kind ofWilling for more valuable long-term resultsandGive up instant gratificationAnd “self-control” during the waiting period.

When applied to our practical work, we should first do the “most valuable task”, which is often the “top priority” task.

So for us, we should cultivate this work habit slowly, resist the temptation of simple tasks, and delay satisfaction.

In addition, for the “professional players” who rely on code to eat, we have different suggestions for different stages

For new comers of 1-3 years:

1. Become an expert in a certain business.

  • In the work, constantly improve their “raw productivity”, deliberate practice.
  • “The so-called raw productivity”, I understand it as primitive productivity, basic skills, such as: the force of the force warrior, the power of the pea.

2. Cultivate internal skill

  • Algorithm and data structure
  • Practice speed, shortcut keys, coding skills, and other necessary skills
  • Fundamentals of programming language
  • Recommended reading: “Zhihu: the law of 10000 hours”
  • Keep practicing deliberately

For 3-5-year veteran:

  1. Cultivate new people and build a team.
  2. Take greater responsibility.
  3. Learn to strive for more resources, larger team, cultivate new talents, eliminate the fittest and upgrade leadership.
  4. Establish personal brand.
  5. An excellent front-end leader has at least the following qualities: a keen sense of business, a clear understanding of business direction, good management of the team, good management of talents, but also a direction of technology magnate.

Senior to 5 years +

It’s out of line.

3. A real case of “dimension reduction attack”

Zhihu’s “Jiang Fan” is known to many people. He was the vice president of tmall wireless in 1985.

Interested friends can take a look at the relevant topics:…

Jiang Fan had entrepreneurial experience, and after joining Ali, he was rich and free.

Don’t care about 3.75, KPI, and regard the company’s business as their own business.

Consider the development of the project from the perspective of the overall situation of the company and the boss.

Chao Ge also said:

A man of pure mind can do great things.

I think so.


So much, a little summary, I hope to inspire you.

Many enterprises have started work, we should pay attention to safety and wear masks.

When you have time, study hard and improve yourself.