How to print the form edited by computer a without excel?


If a computer does not have a printer installed, and another B computer has a printer but does not have Excel software installed, how can I print the forms edited by a computer in B computer? Do you have to install an office software for computer B?

Software name:
Excel 2003 green version Excel 2003 simplified green version (with Excel 2003 green tool)
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Not really! We can operate as follows:

First install the driver of printer B on computer a, then open the excel workbook to be printed, and call“Printer”Select dialog box, set printer as printer on B computer, and then select“Print to file”Options, press“PrintingButton

In the following pop-up“Print to file”After entering a file name (such as a.prn) in the dialog box, press“PreservationButton.

Next, copy the a.prn file to the computer B. in the command prompt window of windows, use the CD command to switch to the directory where the file is located, and execute the copy a.prn LPT1 command to print out the excel worksheet.

Note: LPT1 here is the printer port number. When using it, it needs to be changed according to the actual situation of the connected printer port.

Of course, there is another way not to install excel. Install a lightweight WPS office, which can also print excel forms in compatible formats. In addition, if you share a remote printer on the same LAN, you can also print documents directly on the remote printer.

The above is how to print the form edited by a computer in B computer. The operation is very simple. Please follow the above steps to operate. I hope it can help you!