How to prevent the computer from installing software with unknown source? 3 ways to completely shield the foreign customers


No one wants to do their own hard to clean the system, by the messy, unknown software problems. But sometimes I just can’t keep the bottom line. I accidentally click on the device and borrow someone else to use the computer. Alas, nine times out of ten, life is not so good. Xiaobian has also suffered a lot. I really can’t see it when I use my computer to work.

What should I do? Using third-party software is one size fits all, but you can’t install one software for one purpose at a time, can you? It’s better not to do it. Continue to work scientifically from the system level according to the practice of small editing!

Professional group strategy

If it’s windows professional, it’s always right to sacrifice the group strategy.

In “Function”(Win + R) use “gpedit. MSc” to start the group policy“Computer configuration – management template – windows componentsFind the Windows Installer option below.

The options on the right are closely related to whether the software can be successfully installed,

If you don’t want to install any more software on your computer, you can enable it directly“Shut down Windows Installer“And”Prohibit user installation”These two options. Don’t be too busy shutting down group policy, only these two items can’t completely block application installation.

Next, in “user configuration management template system”, set “run only the specified windows application” to “enabled”, and add the program you want to run in the “list of allowed applications”. In this way, the windows operating system will completely shield any installer trying to call the windows installer program interface. Your system will not only Clean and very safe.

But some regrets are that this can’t completely prevent some family buckets from settling in, because they will use the installation method of existing programs in the computer to start silent installation, windows really can’t do it.

Home services

If you are using the home version, you can disable the system service to do the above method without the group policy function component.

In “This computer”(my computer) right click “manage”, open “services and applications – services” component, and search on the right“Windows Installer”Project, stop it so that most installers can’t install. Because it will also disable all the installers that need to call Windows Installer, but it is not as thorough as the one above.

After this treatment, you can see the gray“Immediate installation”Button.

In addition to group policy and system services, we also have a relatively easy way, which is to create a new user account through multi account management, minimize the permissions, and do not give any permission to install or write to disk. It’s also a good way to change the administrator when installing or updating the computer. Just pay attention to the program installed in the administrator’s account, and make sure that all users are available!

The above is how to prevent the computer installation of unknown software introduction, the operation is very simple, we learned it? Hope to help you!