How to prevent pop-up advertisements? Several methods of intercepting pop-up advertisements


Last night, my little friend @Jason_Liu hoped that we could help solve the problem that goose factories are always promoting pop-up windows. The editors pinched their fingers and calculated that the time was right, and a Tencent video pop-up window advertisement popped up on the very suitable computer. Let’s play pop-up window advertisement today.


Although using free software = accepting advertising promotion, in the Internet age is a natural thing, after all, there is no payment, you should see a minute of advertising. But that’s not the case with all kinds of bullet windows, just because it’s a bit of a hooligan. From time to time, the content is not nutritious, the key point is that “X” is not closed, but directly start the browser to jump to relevant promotion pages, sometimes involving DNS hijacking, which can be tolerated? In the spirit of scientific experiments, Xiaobian has installed some software that can play windows in the computer (specifically, no roll call, let’s say we intentionally black them), and solve them in turn according to their “bullet” characteristics.


Since it can run automatically on the computer, it must be controlled by program. As long as it can locate the program, it can work out some spring window software by means of authority control. When a pop-up window appears on the desktop, don’t close it immediately. Start the task manager directly by Ctrl+Alt+Del, check which processes are running under the process, find out which processes are outside the program, right-click with the mouse and select “Where to open the file”, so that you can basically locate the folder of the pop-up window program. Now.

After entering the pop-up window folder, if it belongs to the more “honest” type, it will directly show the true face of the program. At this time, we only need to remove the checked “Hide the extension of the known file type” in the “File Explorer Options” or directly in the “Functional Area-View” under Windows 10 window. Choice.

After that, as long as the pop-up window program is cut to other places and a new text document is created in the folder where the pop-up window program is located, the name of the pop-up window program is renamed exactly the same as that of the pop-up window program, including the suffix. TXT also needs to be modified to be the same as the pop-up window.

Then click the right mouse button on the renamed text document, select “Attribute-Security-Edit” and check the “Reject” option. After completion, a “pseudo” pop-up window program created by us will be ready. It has unreadable, write, delete attributes, no matter which main program is mobilized, it will not be responsible. How to react? The bullet can’t pop out.

The above is for the “honest man” program, but there are still a kind of vagrancy is in the lower right corner of the desktop in the various small windows. These programs do not have formal names, processes are also very good camouflage, and they are mostly hidden in some of our installed program folders, very difficult to find.

Most of the process names of such programs are in English, so we need to try and error suspicious processes in the task manager. For example, if you find a process in the process that you haven’t seen before, you can locate the file first, then close the process and see if the bullet window disappears immediately. If the disappearance indicates that the positioning is successful, if it does not disappear, you can continue to turn over one by one. At this time, you must be patient.

If the location is successful, follow the methods mentioned above: cutting out the original program, creating new text documents, and weighting limits. In this way, those rogue bullet windows will not appear in the computer. However, there are several points to note: Must retain the pop-up window program, because deleting files in the program may affect the normal operation of the program, all backup copies of pop-up window program is very necessary. If a program error occurs, the copy can be put back in place. In addition, not all programs can use this aspect to solve the problem of bullet windows, because the main process of some software for bullet windows, it is really powerless. Take QQ for example, the small window constantly, can do is to use chat version or international version to solve, the above skills are ineffective.

In addition, to solve the problem of @Jason_Liu, the solution that Xiaobian can find temporarily is to add the following contents to the HOST file (the location of the HOST file: C: Windows System32 drivers etc.) to shield it:

In addition, if Tencent PC client has been installed, the option of “allowing Tencent video to reside” should also be cancelled.

And enter the system configuration (enter msconfig after using “Win + R” and disable it in the service“QQLiveServiceThat’s all.

The bullet window advertisement of broadband operators belongs to DNS hijacking. No matter how we toss the computer, we can’t solve it. So Xiaobian can only say: “Face?”