How to play lossless music on Apple Mac


How does Apple Mac play lossless music? What are the free MAC lossless music players? Listening to songs is of course the higher the quality, the better. Many music enthusiasts like to listen to high fidelity lossless music. Under the Apple Mac OS X system, there are many free players that support playing lossless music directly. Here, Xiaobian introduces several free MAC lossless music players to friends, which can be downloaded and installed in iTunes for free. I hope you like them.

1、VOX Music Player

Support the current mainstream audio file format, support the mainstream support lossless music playback. The defect interface is in English.

2、Wonder Share Player

Support the current mainstream audio and video file format, support ape, FLAC and other lossless music formats, excellent audio quality restoration ability, favored by most users, for lossless music playback, it should be the best music player on MAC system. The playback function is basically the same as the dvdfab media player mentioned below, but the audio file playback supports the creation of playlists! The disadvantage interface is in English.

3、DVDFab Media Player

This is a multimedia player, which supports common video and audio files, MKV, RMVB, ape, FLAC and other lossless music. This is my favorite MAC multimedia player. What’s more, it also supports audio-visual flat file format conversion. Disadvantages when playing an audio file, you cannot create a playlist. The advantage is to support Chinese interface.

4、Soper Player Lite

Basically support all common audio and video file formats, the biggest advantage is small. Disadvantages do not support Chinese interface