How to optimize internet data transmission with blockchain Technology


It is said that blockchain is an information revolution after the Internet, and will have existing production relations and business logic. Why do we say that? Why does the state attach so much importance to blockchain development technology?
How to optimize internet data transmission with blockchain Technology
The data transmission and storage mode of blockchain is a major upgrade based on the Internet, and further optimizes the low efficiency and high cost problems in the Internet data transmission mode. So how does blockchain technology optimize internet data transmission? Let’s take a look next.
 1、 Reduce reconciliation costs
In almost all information systems involving financial business, payment business, payment business and transaction business, reconciliation is an important means to prevent data fraud, data loss and data error under the Internet serial structure. In this kind of serial relationship, it is difficult to ensure the authenticity of the data of the business party in the process of data transmission. With the blockchain technology, the data of any party is updated, and the other parties can immediately know that the data of all parties are completely consistent, and the reconciliation requirements basically do not exist. If we can reduce the global reconciliation cost by half through blockchain technology, this is a huge market with 10 billion dollars per year.
2、 Reduce development costs
The system in series has its own independent database and data structure. Therefore, when the data is transferred, the interface between the system and the system must be developed. Due to the uniqueness of each system, this kind of interface development can only be used between the two systems, and cannot be reused. Under the parallel structure of the blockchain, all business parties use a unified database structure (shared ledger), and the databases are updated in real time through the internal mechanism of the blockchain. There is no need for any interface development between systems. Writing the business data into the shared ledger itself is the internal data processing mechanism of the business system, avoiding the trouble of interface development and maintenance, and without additional cost. If the cost of interface development and maintenance around the world can be reduced by half through blockchain technology, this is a huge market calculated by 10 billion US dollars every year.
 3、 Prevent data fraud
Even if there is a strict reconciliation mechanism between business systems in a series relationship, there is no database of each other, let alone the business parties of several systems. Therefore, data fraud cannot be eliminated in this series relationship. The real-time synchronization mechanism of blockchain allows any party in the business flow to know the data changes of all other parties at any time. It avoids the loopholes caused by concealing the top and deceiving the bottom under the serial structure. Under the parallel structure of blockchain, data fraud of any party of business is directly eliminated. For blockchain users, in addition to reconciliation, they can basically save other means and costs to prevent business parties from counterfeiting. * *
IV. easy data acquisition**
Under the serial structure of the Internet, data is gradually transferred from one business system to another. That is to say, if for any reason, business party 2 does not transfer data to business party 3, the business of business party 3 and business party 4 will stop. They have no way to get the data from business party 1. In other words, any party’s business data acquisition completely depends on the initiative and willingness of the upstream, otherwise, the data may not be completely accessible. The parallel connection of blockchain solves this problem well. The data of either party of the business is updated, and other parties get it in real time without waiting for any party to deliver. This will greatly improve the efficiency of all parties in obtaining business data. The improvement of data efficiency is very important in many industries.
At present, blockchain is still in the early stage, facing relatively high development costs. This is beyond the reach of many businesses. Therefore, reducing the cost of blockchain development, especially the entry cost, is the main task of the current development of blockchain development industry.