How to operate multiple computers with a set of keyboard and mouse?


Sometimes we need more than one computer to do things, especially for programs. One computer is not enough. Let’s use two computers, two mice and two keyboards. I’m crazy about using them.. Let’s share how to control two computers with one mouse and one button.

Software name:
Microsoft mouse without borders v2.1.5.1103
Software size:
Update time:
2016-01-22Download now

1. The software used is mouse without borders, which can be downloaded

2. After downloading, install the software on both computers to be controlled. Figure: installation successful

3. Check the computer name of another computer and write it down. And ensure that the two computers are in a working group, the workgroup group

4. Turn on another computerMouse without borders, view keyIf not, check the followingShow text, write down the key. Open the computer in this computer, and then click theGo through the setup experience

5. Start setting. Open the mouse without borders on the local computer and click directlyYES

6、Fill in the computer name of another computer and the key of mouse without borders, and then clickLINK

PS: key above and computer name below

7. The next step is to configure the parameters To configure parameters, click next

8. Parameter configuration, are Eagle text, the general default configuration parameters is the same as the diagram.

PS: Tip: if you check disable easy mouse, the mouse of another computer can’t control this computer.

9. OK. You can move the mouse left and right to try. Has the mouse magically run to another computer, and then try the keyboard.

Tip: according to personal operating habits, you can move and change the location of the computer (it’s the computer icon in mouse without borders, but it’s not your real computer), just click apply.

matters needing attention:

1. Xp-xp, win7-xp can be used, other systems please test

2. Please click apply when modifying any configuration, otherwise it will not take effect.

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