How to open multiple terminal windows with deepin 20? Skills of opening terminal command window with deepin


In actual operation, users often need to perform multiple tasks in multiple terminal windows. Deepin 20 takes this situation into consideration and provides convenience for multi window operation. Today, let’s take a look at the skills of deepin to open the terminal command window.

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Linux deep operating system V20 beta official latest 64 bit
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1、 Three ways to open the terminal

Method 1: shortcut to open the terminal command window

You can open the terminal command window by shortcut. Default toCTRL + Alt + T, press at the same time to open the terminal.

The terminal in Linux deep system has a Raytheon mode, which can quickly open or close the terminal,The default is Alt + F2.

Method 2: the starter opens the terminal command window

Click “starter”.

search“Terminal””You can find it.

Sometimes the launcher interface can be searched directlyNote the small arrow in the upper right corner, which can switch the starter menu style.

After finding it, you can right-click “send to desktop” or “send to taskbar”.

After that, you can open the terminal command window on the desktop or taskbar.

Method 3: open the terminal command window in the folder

On the desktop, we can right-click to select“Open “in the terminal.

In fact, in any folder, you can right-click to selectOpen “in the terminal.

The characteristic of this method is that the terminal automatically takes the current directory as the working directory after opening, which is convenient to execute the command directly. Right click on the desktop to select“Open in terminal”That is, in the current user’s desktop directory.

2、 Open multiple terminal windows

1. Click the launcher on the taskbar, find the terminal and click open.

2. In the open terminal【+】You can add a terminal window.

3. As shown in the figure below, four terminal windows are established.

4. The other is to create multiple independent terminal windows,Here we only talk about the new window function of the terminal. Click the drop-down button of the menu.

5. Choose after【New window】。

6. As shown in the figure below, two independent terminal windows are established.


The first method is to open multiple sub windows in the same terminal window.

The second method: it is equivalent to reopening a terminal program.

These are the tips for deepin20 to quickly open multiple terminal windows. I hope you like them. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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