How to open bak files and 2000W data?


First, the BAK file is the backup file of the SQL database. You can query it after using SQL recovery

Find the required file

Note that 7GB is extracted+

1. Download SQL Server 2012 Express (with manager)

2. Install the “new installation”

3. Open SQL Server Management Studio

4. Right click “database” — “restore database” in the red circle

Confirm import — wait for completion

Then the database will appear

Right click and click the first 1000 lines to display, as shown in the figure on the right

You can see that 1000 lines of information can be displayed using these codes

Then let’s get rid of the top 1000

Become like this

Then the most critical

Add at the bottom

Click “execute”

The results will appear below

I use SSD to search. It takes about 10 seconds to complete the search, so you can weigh it yourself.