How to occupy a place in fast service


How to occupy a place in fast service

There is a saying in the art of War: know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles. If we want to use fast service to improve exposure and traffic, we must first understand what fast service is, the distribution mechanism of fast service, and how to better configure our fast service according to its distribution mechanism. So as to improve the exposure rate of fast service, and then increase the click quantity of fast service.

First of all, let’s take a look at the official explanation of Huawei’s fast service

The capability is a skill connected by Huawei’s smart platform for fast service, which provides service skills for Huawei’s traffic portals such as scenario intelligence, intelligent search, direct service, intelligent voice and intelligent vision. Fast service toLightweightThe presentation form (such as card, voice, icon, etc.) and intellectualizationDistributionThe method reaches the right user, providing flexibility, considerate, wisdom andCross terminal 4Consistency experience. Fast service creatively realizes two abilities: it is more convenient for people to find services & service for people is more intelligent, which brings new services to developersFlow inlet ③And more natural traffic; to provide users with a more intimate and convenient service experience.

How to occupy a place in fast service

The key words have been bold, so let’s go over each key point of this sentence:

1. Lightweight services

What is lightweight service? App is generally a large function set, and lightweight service refers to a minimum function in the function set. For example, Alipay APP’s collection code, riding code and so on, these are Alipay’s lightweight functions, we can compare them to “atoms”. An application is composed of multiple “atoms”. Based on various “atoms”, applications can realize various functions. If you need to access fast services, you must be familiar with how many “atoms” your products are made of.

Facing the numerous “atoms” of products, direct application in fast service can simplify operation and generate services in batches.

So our first plan came out!

How to occupy a place in fast service

2. Distribution

  Key words
   most of the distribution methods of Huawei fast service are distributed by keyword search, and the keywords of Huawei fast service are all“Exact match”It can be passed. However, not all words can be filled in without brain. During the process of submitting and auditing the express service, there are the following rules:

  1. Only “strong relevance” keywords can be searched by users

(the key words of e.g. service [happy camp] can’t be participants)

  1. Only one fast service can be found for a single keyword search (unless it is strongly related)

(e.g. “fantasy novel” can search the starting point novel website and Baidu novel, which is acceptable, but if “fantasy novel” is not accepted, multiple services such as “fantasy novel”, “fantasy novel ranking” and “ending fantasy novel” can be found on the website.)

According to these characteristics, the second scheme comes out

How to occupy a place in fast service

  ② Combining hot spots
   the Internet era is changing with each passing day, and there will be the latest current events every day. And the search close to hot events is always the best entry point

How to occupy a place in fast service

  ③ Output type
   at present, the output of fast service can jump to app and fast application, and the jump follows the following rules:

  1. Only jump to the app service, only when the app is installed can the corresponding fast service be found
  2. Jump fast application services, at any time you can search out the corresponding fast services by keyword
  3. The user will skip the app first when the app is installed, and the one without app will jump to fast service

So our third strategy is:

How to occupy a place in fast service

In addition, only a small number of resident services will be launched on the same app, and only when the user has installed the app, the negative one screen resident service can be selected to ensure that the resident service does not overflow.

How to occupy a place in fast service

4. Cross terminal

With the development of fast service, fast service can also be distributed to Huawei pay and Huawei watch hardware or software. Currently, only a few suitable services can be accessed. In the future, Huawei will open some fast services to the compliant third-party apps / devices, and the third party will decide whether to use your fast service on their apps / devices. Through more ways to improve the distribution and exposure of services.

5. Huawei Yaoxing plan (Supplement)

  Huawei also provides some support plans to provide resource promotion for fast service or some joint marketing to provide a wider range of service promotion resources. ——Flare program
   after the application, the platform will conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the application, and if the evaluation is qualified, the offline communication support plan content will be carried out.

How to occupy a place in fast service
   finally, no matter what way, it is just to increase the possibility of more traffic. The best way to improve the traffic is always to have excellent product quality and the best user experience. The most simple way to improve the flow is to make the product perfect.

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