How to move iTunes directory under Mac OS X


It’s like flying after installing SSD. It only takes a few seconds to power on. It’s very fast to run large programs, compile code, copy files and other operations. The only trouble is that the 128G space of the system disk is too much for the huge lion system plus Xcode, abode CS5 and other large software. Tidy up the hard disk, put some unused large header files into the mechanical hard disk, and then use the LN command to do the soft link directly.

After analyzing the disk space, it is found that movies, apps, music files, etc. In iTunes are the largest, dozens of G. I wanted to copy all of them to the mechanical hard disk and make a soft link. I found that iTunes seems to recognize only the local area and has no effect. So I found an iTunes directory moving method on the Internet.

In fact, iTunes itself supports custom directories. The trick is to press and hold the option key to start iTunes. ITunes will ask you if you want to customize its directory, as shown below:


You can copy the ~ / music / iTunes directory to another hard disk first, and then select “choose Library…” in the above interface. , point it to the iTunes directory you just copied, and you’re done.

If there’s no problem, you can delete the ~ / music / iTunes directory on the system disk, and suddenly tens of gigabytes of space will be freed up.