How to modify the shortcut page icon for Google browser


Question:When creating shortcuts to some web pages or websites, sometimes the default icon is white, and the user experience is very poor, so it is often difficult to find what this page is.

reason:After several tests, it was found that the default browser settings did not take effect.

Thinking:By manually setting the default browser, the shortcut will be opened through the default browser, and there will be icons. For stubborn shortcuts, manually set the open icon.



Simulate the problem, for example, a new URL shortcut is created, but the icon is white. How to set it to be a Google browser icon.


Shortcut to white Icon before processing:



Method 1: set Google browser as the default browser


1. Install Google browser, open the start menu in the lower left corner, and click default program


2. Click set default program and find Google Chrome on the left







Method 2: set the opening mode of [. Url] shortcut as [Google browser]

1. Open the lower left corner, open the start menu in the lower left corner, and click default program; Click [associate file type or protocol with program]


2. Find. URL on the left, and you can see that the default is Internet browser.

Click it again and set it to Google Chrome: click Browse desktop to find the desktop shortcut of Google browser


3. After setting, you can see that it has been changed

4. The original [test system 2. Url] has been changed into the one with icon. This one is also good and can be used.

Of course, if you are still dissatisfied, please look at method 3.


Method 3: manually modify the shortcut [icon]

1. Find the icon path of Google browser. By default, the version is followed by the application in the user path, and then the version is followed chrome.dll It’s an icon



2. Right click test system 1, change the icon, browse and paste your own path




3. Selection chrome.dll , click open to select your favorite icon again


When it’s done, it turns into a normal icon