How to modify OEM computer configuration information


There will be some OEM information during computer installation, including manufacturer’s brand, contact information, etc. some friends may need to modify and customize the information they want. Here is a method.  
1. Before making changes, first let’s take a look at the OEM information of our computer system, my computer – > right click – > properties

2. Then you can see that there is no OEM customized information on my computer.

3. Download relevant software on the Internet and search oemdiy XP. If your computer is win7, please change win7 to XP

4. Then decompress the compressed package

5. The download address of the main program is different, and the icons may be different

6. Then you can see the following interface. Here we set it as Samsung and click application

7. Then you can see the prompt of successful operation.

8. Referring to steps 1-2, you can see that OEM information has been added to the computer system properties

9. Then the technical support information also includes the content we just added.

10. Of course, if we don’t want someone else’s icon, we can make an icon ourselves. Here we return to the main program and click the replace OEM Logo Icon

11. Select the picture we have prepared and click open

12. Then click apply, and the application is successful.

13. Referring to steps 1-2, you can see that OEM customized icons have been added to the computer system properties