How to minimize the installation of CentOS?


Use the server or virtual machine to minimize the installation of CentOS. Some friends will find that after logging in to the system, they can’t find the eth0 network card, only lo, and they can’t find the IP address of eth0. I’ll share my experience with you.

1. Log in to the system as the root user, and use the ifconfig command to give eth0 an IP address temporarily, for example, “ifconfig eth0”. Pay attention to the range of IP address.

2. Since Xiaobai doesn’t know VIM, what should I do without a desktop environment? So I thought of a circuitous way, click the SSH FTP tool icon, and log in SSH FTP.

3. Click the “quick connect” button, input the IP address and root user name as shown in the figure, and select “password” to set up the connection.

4. Enter the root password.

5. Find ifcfg-eth0 file in the / etc / sysconfig / network scripts directory of the system and open it with the right mouse button.

6. Change “onboot = no” to “onboot = yes”, save and exit.

7. Enter the “service network restart” command on the command line to restart the network service.

8. Finally, input ifconfig command to check, OK, it’s done.

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