How to merge multiple txt files into one TXT?


Sometimes it is necessary to merge multiple txt files for summary and analysis. How to quickly merge multiple files?

1. Copy multiple txt files to be merged to the same folder. If the order of files is important, please adjust the order according to the file name.

2. Use key combination“Win + R”Open the run window, enter“cmdCommand, enter the command line window.

3. In the command line window, enter the directory of the txt file to be merged, as shown in the following figure“F:\stock”Table of contents.

4. After confirming that the catalog is correct, enter“type *.txt >>f:\111.txt”,This command will output the contents of all txt files in the current directory tof:\111.txt。

5. Here, open the mergedf:\111.txt, you can see that multiple txt files have beenMerge into the 111.txt file of F disk in order.