How to manage too many computer plug-ins


When there are too many plug-ins in the computer, it will cause our computer to run slowly. For the plug-ins in the computer, we need to manage them. Only better management of the plug-ins in the computer can help us better use the computer. For the plug-in management in the computer, we need to find out the reasons for many times, and then find the relevant plug-ins for management. Next, milk tea will make relevant solutions for the plug-in management of the computer.

Software name:
Tencent computer steward (PC version) V8.9 beta official preemptive experience version
Software size:

1. For computerPlug in management, we need to deal with it in time. We can find the computer firstBrowser settings, and findRelated tools.

2. Main settings in browserPage setting function, you can findBrowser plug in, and find us noCommon browser plug-ins are disabled.

3. On the plug-in management function page of the browser, clickDisable our browser plug-in,After the setting is completed.

4. For computerBrowser plug-in management,You can find Tencent computer manager in the computer, and then click open to findHold-all.

5. For computerPlug in managementAfter finding plug-in management in the toolbox page, you can directly disable plug-ins.

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