How to manage and set the multi screen (external screen) of MAC


How can we manage these two screens, one large and one small, after we connect the monitor to the Mac? Sometimes we need to use the external screen as the main screen and the computer screen as the extended screen. How to set it? Today, Xiaobian will solve these problems for you.

Setting method:

1. Open “System Preferences” and “display”

2. In “arrangement”, which screen the white strip is placed on is the main display! At the same time, you can drag and drop any screen to set it on the left, right, top or bottom.

3. The “mirror display” option is to make the contents of the two screens the same. Generally, it is not checked!

This is the way to manage and set the two monitors after the MAC is connected to the monitor. Users who need or are interested can try to operate on their own computers.