How to make widgets on iPhone


Learn how to make customizable widgets and widgets from third-party applications. You can do this on any iPhone with IOS 14 or later.

How to make widgets on iPhone

To make a widget, first download a third-party application, such as widget Smith, from the app store.

On the home screen, click and hold until you see a plus sign in the upper left corner. Click to add a widget.

How to make widgets

In these steps, we will create a widget using the application widgetsmith. You can download this app from the app store.

After downloading the widget Smith, open the application.

Click Add (size) widget to make a widget of the size you choose.

Click the added widget, and then click the default widget box.

Edit your widget by selecting a style, font, and color.

After editing, click the back arrow in the upper left corner, and then click save.

Exit the application and go to your home screen, then click and hold until you see a plus icon in the upper left corner.

Now search for widget Smith or click it in the directory.

Select the size widget you want to add, and then click Add widget. Then click finish on the home screen.

To change the widget to the one you created, click the widget and select Edit widget.

Select the widget you want to display on the home screen from the list.

How do you customize widgets on iPhone?

Depending on the application you use, custom widgets may vary from application to application.

In the app store, search for “customizable widgets” to find applications that can make widgets and then use them on the iPhone home screen. Read the description of the application to see what types of widgets can be customized through the application.

You can also make shortcut widgets using the shortcut application introduced by apple in IOS 14 update. These widgets can perform tasks in an application without opening the application.