How to make root sign in computer? Four methods of inputting root sign in computer


In fact, there are many ways to type root in the computer. As long as you know it once, I believe you can type it in the future. Here are some common root typing methods:

Method 1Press and hold the shift key with your left hand(Alt key)Don’t let it go,Press 41420 with your right hand(don’t press the top of the keyboard, press the right one), release your hands, and the root sign (√) will come out.

Method 2Floating on the desktopLanguage columnOfOn the keypadPoint rightKey selection of mathematical symbolsIn the soft keyboard, you can type it directly from the keyboard.

Method 3We canA radical of Baidu OnlineAnd then copy it.

Method 4

1、Win+RThe shortcut key opens the run box.

2. Enter in the run command input box or search box“Return after “MIP”To open the math input panel.

3. Input the radical directly with the mouse.

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