How to judge whether your computer supports dx12? Check whether directx12 is supported by computer


Dx12 is an important upgrade of win10 system. However, if a computer wants to support dx12, it needs not only system support, but also the support of graphics card and game software. The system and game users can easily install it selectively. The core thing here is the graphics card hardware. So, how to see if the graphics card supports dx12? Today’s developer editor will teach you how to check whether your computer supports DirectX 12 methods. Here are the detailed methods / steps.

怎么看显卡是否支持DX12 查看自己电脑支不支持DX12方法

1、 First, open the operation command box in the computer. Win10 users can find it in the search or start menu, or directly use the “Win + R” shortcut key to open it. Then type the command: “dxdiag” and click “OK” below to open it, as shown in the figure.

怎么看显卡是否支持DX12 查看自己电脑支不支持DX12方法

2、 After that, you can open the dialog interface of DirectX diagnostic tool, and then we can switch to the “display” tab, and then look at the “function level” and “driver model” in the lower right.

怎么看显卡是否支持DX12 查看自己电脑支不支持DX12方法

“Function level” represents whether the graphics card hardware supports dx12. From its version 11.0, it can be seen that the small computer graphics card only supports Dx11 and does not support dx12;

The WDDM version of the driver model represents the system support.WDDMThe full name is windows display driver model, which is a new generation of Microsoft graphics driver model.

Starting from Windows Vista system, the first version is WDDM 1.0, win7 system supports WDDM 1.1, win8 / 8.1 seals WDDM version to 1.2/1.3, and the latest win10 system is updated to WDDM 2.0 again. Only when WDDM of driver model is 2.0, can dx12 be fully supported.

Therefore, to check whether the computer supports dx12, we can get a general understanding through the information of “function level” and “driver model”. For more details on supporting dx12 graphics card models, please read:What are the graphics cards that support dx12? Currently, dx12 graphics card list is supported」。

The above is the developer editor for you to see whether the computer support does not support directx12 method, hope to help you, if you have any questions, you can leave us a message in the comment box below. We will try our best to answer for you. Thank you for your support as always, and please continue to pay attention to the follow-up tutorials and software of developer.