How to install win10 in MAC system? Two methods of installing win10 on MAC


How to install win10 on Mac? For Windows users, it’s easy to install win10 on the original basis, but for Apple Mac users, if you want to install win10 on the Mac, it’s troublesome. The following Xiaobian will introduce the method of installing win10 on the Mac. Xiaobian will introduce two methods with you. If you don’t know, you can learn about it.
  There are basically two ways to install windows on MAC: virtual machine and dual system.

  Method 1:

Method for installing win10 system on MAC virtual machine

First, download the ISO file. The selection of virtual machine includes VirtualBox, VMware, etc. here, VirtualBox is taken as an example. The overall installation is not complicated. Just like using a mac software, follow the steps to select the system version (since Windows 10 has not been officially launched, you need to choose Windows 8, including 32-bit and 64 bit versions).

Then, VirtualBox will ask you how much RAM you allocate to windows. The default is 2048MB. You can allocate it according to your Mac hardware. In terms of storage, you need to divide a virtual hard disk to windows, which is 25gb by default, and can also be adjusted by yourself. After that, select ISO to install like windows on PC. It should be noted that you should choose a new installation instead of upgrading.

After installation, you can normally use the preview version of windows 10 in the virtual window. Of course, it also supports full screen effect.

  Method 2:

Installing win10 using boot camp

If you prefer a more traditional form, you can use the boot camp tool to install windows 10. First, you need to make ISO into a bootable USB flash disk, and then find the boot camp tool in the Mac to allocate hard disk space for windows. It is recommended to choose at least 20GB of space. Then, boot camp will restart the system and enter the windows installation interface. The subsequent steps are basically the same as those on the PC. After restart, press and hold the option button on the keyboard to select in MAC and windows 10.

Generally speaking, win10 is still in the preview stage, but its compatibility on MAC devices is still good. The touch pad can achieve a lot of efficient operations, but it is more comfortable to use the mouse. The incompatible parts mainly focus on the automatic adjustment of screen brightness and the keyboard backlight of MacBook.
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